Does Zoloft Cause Weight Loss?

When most people hear the term Zoloft they imagine having a good night’s sleep, not losing weight. Most of the time when they hear about Zoloft weight loss is implied, and since Zoloft causes weight loss, it must be effective.

There are some instances when Zoloft causes weight loss. The short answer is that it can’t cause weight loss. Zoloft isn’t a diet pill, so it has no weight loss components.

In the case of a patient that is under the care of a health care professional prescribing Zoloft, there are some limitations to the dosage. Typically doctors are careful to make sure the patient is in a comfortable situation. In a sleep-deprived situation, this becomes a challenge.

Normally the recommended dosage is one to two pills per day, although people who have a serious medical problem should always be monitored closely. If you have a medical condition, the doctor will likely suggest consulting with a specialist. This is because Zoloft can have serious side effects.

If you are prescribed Zoloft and you intend to lose weight, be aware that the chances are good that you will lose weight by decreasing your calorie intake. The doctor may also recommend modifying your eating habits such as adding more fresh fruits and vegetables.

There are some cases where the dose of Zoloft prescribed will be greater than the normal dosing. This can be due to a physical problem, obesity, or a temporary reduction in caloric intake. If you are on Zoloft for a long period of time, your body may stop producing leptin which is necessary for proper growth and development.

Sometimes the Zoloft will be given in conjunction with a calcium channel blocker. This will help the medication to achieve its full effect without causing any unwanted side effects.

If you are trying to get off of Zoloft and lose weight then be aware that Zoloft is likely to have an effect on your appetite. The reason for this is that the medication inhibits the transmission of messages between the brain and the stomach. Since your brain tells your stomach to digest the food, your stomach won’t tell it to hold off.

If you choose to use Zoloft and do not take a calcium channel blocker, your chances of losing weight are greatly increased. However, you may find that you still have an appetite while on Zoloft. You need to make sure that you are exercising regularly, eating healthy foods, and getting plenty of rest.

The simple fact is that Zoloft has no effect on appetite. While taking Zoloft does have a few side effects, those side effects don’t apply to appetite. The only way to lose weight when on Zoloft is to exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet.

Since Zoloft is used in combination with other medications it may interfere with the efficacy of other medications. It is very important to make sure you are taking all of your medications faithfully. Remember, the side effects of Zoloft can have serious consequences, so make sure you check with your doctor before using any medications.

If you are currently on Zoloft and are attempting to lose weight, make sure you discuss your plan with your doctor. You may be able to get off of Zoloft and lose weight quickly and safely if you just follow the doctor’s orders.