How Weight Loss Works

How weight loss works is a question that most of us have asked ourselves at one time or another. The fact is that there are certain processes that go into causing us to gain weight, and there are certain processes that cause us to lose weight. There are certain processes that cause you to gain […]

Does B12 Help With Weight Loss?

Is B12 helping you lose weight? There is no question that most people who use nutritional supplements do in fact lose weight. It’s not a secret, either, as recent articles in leading health magazines, as well as weight loss and nutrition web sites, have reported on this. There are many factors which influence how much […]

What Causes Weight Loss? What Type of Action Can I Take?

What causes weight loss? The most natural and simple answer is a combination of two things: our food intake and activity level. When you are eating, your body’s metabolism will slow down as it needs to burn fuel. When your body has enough energy to burn, it can start to convert your fat into energy. […]

How to Reduce Weight Naturally – What You Need to Know

Learning how to reduce weight naturally and safely is something that is worth doing. The right way to do it is going to help you to avoid the risk of injuring yourself, putting yourself at risk of suffering heart disease or even suffering a stroke, so this is something that you need to learn how […]

Does Lexapro Cause Weight Loss?

Does Lexapro cause weight loss? Well, this is something that people have been asking since the drug was launched in Europe. Unfortunately, most physicians are not too sure how to answer this question, as they are not sure what Lexapro does. What you need to understand is that the side effects associated with the drug […]

Is Avos Good For Weight Loss?

In this article I will provide some information about the health benefits of avocados and how they can help you lose weight. It is widely known that this fruit is high in fiber, which helps to keep the stomach fuller longer. However, while there are many health benefits to eating it, it also provides the […]

Are Smoothies Good For Weight Loss?

Are Smoothies Good For Weight Loss? Are smoothies good for weight loss? We have been bombarded with this question so many times that we often forget to ask the right questions to determine its true value. The answer to the question “are smoothies good for weight loss?” is, in actuality, a resounding yes. Slice a […]

How to Lose Weight Fast and Healthy

The answer to how to lose weight fast is dependent on your genetic make up. There are many factors that can trigger the need to shed some of that unwanted weight. The last thing you want to do is just put a band aid on a problem. Do not let anyone tell you there is […]